1235 8011 1060 Aluminum Foil Strip for Cable Shielding

Aluminum foil for cable shielding is a shielding material used for cables and wires. Its main function is to block electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI), thereby protecting signal transmission in the cable. Aluminum strips are usually used with other materials such as polyester film to enhance their mechanical strength and shielding effect.

Commonly used aluminum strip alloys for cables are: 1235, 8011, 1100, 1050, 1060 aluminum alloys, which are light in weight, flexible, suitable for various wires and cables, and have good corrosion resistance.


Specifications of aluminum strips for cables:

Typical alloys1235, 1060, 1050, 1100, 8011
TemperO, H22, H24
Rated voltageminimum 1000
Tensile strength≥55Mpa
Elongation at break≥35%
Colorsilver, blue, green, etc.
ID76mm, 102mm or 152mm
OD250mm to 650mm
Transport packagingwooden pallet or wooden box

aluminum strip

Advantages of aluminum strip for cable shielding:

1. Strong corrosion resistance and long service life

2. Good flexibility and easy processing

3. High strength, not easy to tear or break

4. Excellent shielding performance

5. Easy to install

6. Low cost, cost-effective compared with other materials

7. Lightweight and low density

MC Aluminum, as a large aluminum strip manufacturer, provides aluminum strip substrates for cables. Through strict control of the process, the product surface is cleanly degreased, without holes, oil spots, corrosion and other traces, and has high mechanical properties. The product quality is stable and exported overseas, so you can order with confidence.