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1050 Aluminium coil

  • Alloys: 1050
  • MOQ: 5 tons per size
  • Delivery time: within 30 days
  • Origin: China
  • Trade term: FOB、CIF、CFR

1050 aluminum coil belongs to commercial pure wrought 1000 series alloys with a purity of 99.5% to. Therefore, aluminum coil exhibits excellent ductility, plasticity, corrosion resistance, and high electrical and thermal conductivity. In addition, it is also a low The strength of non-heat treated alloys, cannot be enhanced by heat treatment and has poor machinability, but can accept contact welding and gas welding. Now, since the production process of 1000 series alloy coils such as aluminum coils is relatively simple and the technology is quite mature, highly economical aluminum coils are very Suitable for large-scale applications in industrial manufacturing.


1. 1050 aluminum coil belongs to industrial pure aluminum, which has low density, high plasticity, corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity.

2. 1050 aluminum coil can prevent the intrusion of oxygen, its service life is long, the processing technology is mature, the cost is low, and the recovery value is high,

3. The layout is relatively flat, without bumps and oil spots, the appearance of the color is more beautiful, and there are no other defects.

CTP plate base, PS plate base, aluminum-plastic plate, lighting material, capacitor shell, road signs, thermal insulation materials, etc.


Packing Details : Standard export package.

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