Customized aluminum foil for hamburger packaging

In recent years, the pace of society has become faster and faster, and fast food has become the mainstream food for office workers, such as fried dough sticks, hamburgers, and egg pancakes for breakfast. They need to be wrapped in a layer of food wrapping paper. Freshly baked food is always greasy and hot. To solve this problem, MC Aluminum has launched oil-proof and high-temperature resistant food aluminum foil wrapping paper, using clean and high-quality 8011 aluminum foil and 1235 aluminum foil.

After the aluminum foil is printed, it is cut into square blocks of aluminum foil, which is mainly used for fast food restaurants to package various ready-to-heat and ready-to-eat foods, such as hamburgers, sandwiches, hot dogs, etc. Aluminum foil has oil resistance, prevents grease from spilling, and keeps customers' hands clean.

Hamburger packaging aluminum foil

Different patterns and colors can be printed according to customer requirements to facilitate users to distinguish different foods.

Specifications of aluminum foil for hamburger wrapping paper:

Alloy8011, 1235
Thickness0.006-0.011mm (paper 22-30g/m2)
Colorwhite / brown / printable

Advantages of aluminum foil for hamburger wrapping paper:

1. Good thermal insulation performance: Aluminum foil can effectively insulate heat and maintain the temperature of hamburgers, whether it is to keep the hamburger hot or to keep it cool.

2. Waterproof and oil-proof: Aluminum foil has waterproof and oil-proof properties, which helps prevent hamburgers from being contaminated or getting wet during carrying and eating.

3. Hygienic and safe: Qualified aluminum foil materials are food grade, meet hygiene standards, and will not release harmful substances into food.

4. Recyclability: Aluminum foil is recyclable, which helps reduce landfill and environmental pollution.

5. Lightweight and easy to carry: Aluminum foil is light and easy to fold, making it easy to carry and store.

6. Aesthetics: Aluminum foil has a glossy finish, which can enhance the beauty and attractiveness of the packaging and can be customized.