Industrial aluminum profile customization

Aluminum profile refers to aluminum products with specific cross-sectional shapes produced by extrusion, casting, rolling and other processing technologies. MC Aluminum provides customized production of aluminum profiles. The cost of customized aluminum profiles is generally the base price of aluminum ingots + processing fees (material extrusion, surface treatment) + mold fees, etc.

aluminum profile

MC Aluminum provides aluminum profile oxidation treatment. After the aluminum rod is extruded, the surface will be sandblasted, and then degreased, acid-etched, alkaline-etched, neutralized, oxidized and sealed to obtain a smooth, corrosion-resistant surface.

Aluminum profiles are widely used in various fields. The following are some common application areas:

aluminum profile customization

1. Construction industry: It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, heat insulation and energy saving. It is mainly used for door and window frames, curtain walls, aluminum alloy ceilings, partitions, stair handrails, etc.

2. Industrial equipment: It has good strength and hardness and is often used to manufacture mechanical equipment, molds, etc.

3. Automobile manufacturing: used for automobile body, chassis and interior parts, automobile engine parts, chassis parts, suspension systems, etc., to reduce the weight of the car body, improve fuel efficiency, and enhance the performance and durability of the car.

4. Aerospace: used for spacecraft wings, fuselages, parts, etc., and aircraft have requirements for lightweight and strength.

5. Furniture manufacturing: with good corrosion resistance and weather resistance, such as sofas, tables and chairs, wardrobes, etc.

MC Aluminum is a professional aluminum profile customization manufacturer, providing 1050 aluminum profiles, 1350 aluminum profiles, 5083 aluminum profiles, 6082 aluminum profiles and 4545 aluminum profiles, etc., with complete product models, stable quality, global export, short delivery time, and preferential prices. You can order with confidence.