Pre painted aluminum sheet coil

Pre painted aluminum sheet coil refer to products that have one or more layers of organic coatings or metal coatings applied to the surface of aluminum sheets or coils. Pre-coated sheets are professionally processed to produce products of different shapes, colors, and surface gloss. They are mainly used in many fields such as construction, packaging, electronics, and decoration, such as internal and external curtain walls, pipeline anti-corrosion, roof and wall decoration, etc.

Color coated aluminum coil specifications:

Alloy series1000 /2000 /3000 /4000 /5000 /6000 /7000 /8000 series
Alloy1050, 1060, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5052, 5005, 5754, 5083, 6061,7075,8011 etc
TemperO-H112, T3-T8, T351-T851
Thickness0.1-10 mm

600-2000 mm

Length100-16000 mm
CoatingPE, PVDF, Surlyn, PVC, anodized film
Coating thickness

PVDF coating: greater than 25 microns

PE coating: greater than 18 microns

ID508 mm/610 mm
OD1800 mm (max)
Technologyhot-rolled or cold-rolled
Colorblack, white, silver, green, brushed silver, mint blue, brushed gold, mirror silver, gold, RAL color or according to customer requirements, etc.

Pre-coated aluminum coil

Features of pre-painted aluminum coils:

1. Strong corrosion resistance. After the surface is treated with a special coating, it can effectively prevent the influence of natural environment such as oxidation, corrosion and sun and rain.

2. Weather resistance, can resist the erosion of environmental factors such as ultraviolet rays, moisture, temperature difference changes, and is not easy to fade, discolor or age.

3. Lightweight and high strength.

4. Diversified colors, various colors and patterns can be coated according to customer needs.

5. Convenient construction.

6. Excellent processing performance, easy to cut, bend, stamp and form, suitable for a variety of processing techniques.

7. Environmentally friendly and recyclable

Application areas of color-coated aluminum coils:

1. Construction field: used for internal and external curtain walls, roof wall decoration, etc.

2. Packaging field: used for packaging of food, medicine, etc.

3. Electronics: used for housings and heat sinks of electronic products.

4. Decoration: used for furniture, lamps and other decorations.

5. Advertising signs: used for billboards, signboards, display boards, etc.